Empower offices with Asian Cognitive Automation

We are transforming the world with Cognitive Automation where white-collar “software robots” empowered with Artificial Intelligence automate office-tasks. Cognitive Automation is sometimes termed as “intelligent automation”, but it is more than just being “intelligent”. For humans, intelligence is the ability to gain and utilise knowledge, while cognition means awareness in general and the ability to learn in particular.

Make use of Gleematic cognitive automation with Asian language A.I. abilities to bring glee to offices. 

Let award-winning Asian A.I. help you.
Easy Adoption

Even end-users without programming knowledge can set up. Including drag-and-click A.I.


Gleematic is enhanced with A.I. functions such as image-recognition, text analytics (NLP), and machine learning.

Asian A.I. for end-users

Reads Asian-language documents (e.g. Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese).


Gleematic allows you to train for any type of documents (e.g. invoices, hospital bills, bank statements) and set up end-to-end automation for any process.

Fast Implementation

Kick-off with quick pilots to see results fast. Scaling up becomes easier with simple set-up.

Value for money

Gleematic is competitively priced, especially with A.I. You don’t need big budgets to be smart!

Free your staff or colleagues of boring and repetitive tasks

What is Cognitive Automation?

Cognitive automation is a powerful combination of rules-based automation via the user-interface (robotic process automation- RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) whereby human can “teach” and machines can “learn” to handle various types of tasks. RPA is good for structured data (e.g. data that has been clearly labelled and identified, such as data-fields in ERP systems), but fails miserably when it comes to semi-structured (e.g. invoices, bills) or unstructured data (e.g. contracts).

With Gleematic, you will have the power of machine-learning and complex decision making with a few clicks of the buttons, even if you don’t have programming background. Gleematic will revolutionise your office with five to ten times increase in productivity. Free your staff or colleagues of boring and repetitive tasks. Bring glee (joy) to your office by doing more interesting jobs.


What Can Gleematic Do?

Some examples of tasks that Gleematic software robots are capable of:

  1. Identifying names of persons/ companies from a body of text in multiple languages.
  2. Interpreting text to classify emails/ documents into different categories
  3. Extracting data from forms and documents
  4. Predicting likelihood of fraud
  5. Entering/ transferring data
  6. Accessing/ moving files and folders
  7. Logging in to I.T. applications/ web
  8. Filling forms/ updating systems
  9. Generating reports
  10. Other tasks in offices
cognitive automation
Bring Gleematic to your office and do more interesting jobs.


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“Global Finalist at OTEC 2019”

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Be more productive. Focus on tasks that only humans can do.

What makes Gleematic special?

Our solution is powered by artificial intelligence features. A summary of what we have include:

  1. Supervised Machine Learning
  2. Natural language processing: English, Chinese,  Indonesian, Vietnamese
  3. Intelligent Information Extraction
  4. Face recognition/ detection
  5. Image/ picture recognition
  6. Training engine: customized document-extraction
  7. Training engine: customized image recognition

How Can You BENEFIT?

  1. Works even when nobody is around
  2. Multiple times faster than humans
  3. Highly accurate (little or no human-errors)
  4. Very cost-effective (get more with less)
  5. Easily scalable (flexible for peaks and lulls)
  6. Staff can be deployed for higher-value tasks
  7. Predictable and consistent
  8. Available every hour of the day
  9. Compatible with existing technology
Make work better with intelligent digital assistants.
Have more time for creative tasks by automating the mundane.

How to choose Intelligent Cognitive Automation Software?

It is important to get the buy-in from users for successful implementation of any new technologies. Deploy something that users will feel comfortable with and they will be more likely to commit to using it.

Think longer term to determine what might be useful beyond solving the immediate pains. Get A.I. to gain insights from data and increase the extent of automation with time.