Showcasing Gleematic at RPA and A.I. Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (together with our partner, JOS)

On 10-12th June 2019, Glee Trees team participated in “2019 Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation Conference” which was held at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our partner JOS (Malaysia) was the co-host for this exhibition booth, and we had the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities of Gleematic, and interact with interactive discussions and build networks with key-figures and industry thought-leaders.

“2019 Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation Conference” was initiated by the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI implementation due to its potential in improving and increasing business values. As more companies or industries were starting to explore RPA as a solution to their operational challenges, this conference was a timely event as it is a medium for key-figures and industry leaders to explore about RPA and AI.

This 3-days conference allowed organizations, companies, or industries to hold interactive discussions which explored more about RPA as a cutting-edge innovation to improve business operational processes and how to develop a strategy to implement it into their enterprises. These fruitful discussions also dug into depth the outlook of RPA itself by learning and understanding its implementation from successful case studies.

Representatives from large corporations which have implemented RPA also shared about the best practices, and the potential pitfalls to look out for. They highlighted the importance of getting the objectives right, aligning the goals and the stakeholders, and prioritising tasks for automation. There were also pointers about the lessons learnt from failed RPA projects.

We think that RPA projects sometimes fail because of expectations that are not aligned. Technology is only an enabler, and thus business strategies must formulated in consideration with limitations of the technology.

There was also talk about how A.I. (artificial intelligence) augments RPA to automate tasks that are beyond RPA – tasks that are not rules-based and not so straightforward. One of the speakers from a large bank shared about how they used A.I. and machine-learning to try to recognise signatures on cheques. This was a massive project for them, which was still ongoing.

We showed the participants that Gleematic has A.I. capabilities to handle semi-structured and unstructured tasks through using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to extract data from documents such as invoices. We also showed that we could read comments which are written in continuous sentences, to determine whether a customer was happy with the service or product.

It’s our delight to have hosted about 120 visitors to our booth, who came from various industries such as banking, insurance, government, logistics, hospitality, manufacturing and services.

We are glad to exhibit at the conference, to conduct live-demonstration about RPA/AI, exchange insights with key-figures about RPA and AI, and the most important thing is to build networks with many key-figures. We hope that more companies and industries will start to implement RPA/AI in their enterprises, to enhance productivity and operational efficiency through business process automation.

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