Every second a customer has to wait for your support team to respond. In fact, Forrester’s research shows that 66% of adults believe that the most important thing a company can do is value their time during a service interaction.

Therefore, it can be a smart move for you to invest in automated booking order tools if your team can’t keep up with your current customer demand. Automating your booking order functions will help save your reps time and improve the customer’s experience with your brand.

In this post, we’ll break down why automated booking order is the best logistics automation for your team in 2021.

Seamless Order Management

Order booking can be made simpler with cognitive automation. Instead of a customer placing an order over the phone or on the internet, AI can be used to detect low inventory levels and automate ordering. As a result, customers are no longer required to follow a particular protocol when sharing order information.

Alternatively, interfaces can be designed to combine logistics/supply chain management orders with orders from end customers/retailers to automatically position orders. Suppliers can use analytics and artificial intelligence to forecast demand and stock regional warehouses appropriately.

Less Human Errors

We all know that keeping customers happy is important. It is less expensive to keep existing customers than to acquire new ones. In many cases, manual data entry resulted in costly mistakes, or the incorrect freight classification scheme was selected. This error might drive a negative impact on the customer experience.

However, logistics automation tools can provide data that can help you figure out how to deliver the products more efficiently to cut shipping costs and lower overall delivery costs. Each order is automatically routed to the fulfillment center closest to the customer in this manner.

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Engaged Customer Relationship

As technology is used to automate booking requests, the customer experience becomes more personalized. Both the point of sale and the point of distribution, where customers interact with logistics companies, can be customized to meet their individual needs.

Furthermore, via real-time dashboards for reliable and timely details, corporate customers with long-term relationships with logistics firms can expect customized and highly attentive customer service. Indeed, combining logistics firms’ customer interface modules with vendor modules at the corporate level will result in successful synergies. This is how we help our client automating their order management process.

Every day, orders can come in different formats but Gleematic can still correctly identify and process data automatically. Our bots can help you do manual tasks for faster work and your team can do more human touch with your customer. We help you to empower yourself and do more on things that matter.