Often times businesses would need a lot of man power to process work projects, however, the process might be inefficient, causing an increase in work time and cost. Digital transformation is essential in these days to stay competitive within the market, this includes many kinds of industries. By employing a digital worker, business can help employees work more efficiently while reducing costs. In this article, we will discuss the 5 signs why your business need a digital worker.

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What is a Digital Worker?

A digital worker are AI powered software robots, with the purpose of helping human to automise their work processes. A digital worker may carry multiple AI technologies, such as Machine Learning, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

1. Your Customer Engagement is Decreasing

A well structured online customer support system is important while customers are purchasing goods and services. You want to make sure that you can respond to any questions or concerns from your customer in a timely manner, whether this is through automated chat box or emails.

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2. Employees Are Burnt-out and Stressed Due to Repetitive Work

Manual data entry is now a practice of the past, with the help of a digital worker, high volume and repetitive tasks can be easily automated. Not only this will reduce employees’ workload, businesses can also allocate resources for more value-added projects. Instead of having employees manually process documents for hours, they can spend the time to interact with customers and clients.

3. You Are Not Able to Find Insights From Your Data

There may be thousands of data that you have gathered, but you are not able to find any useful insights to help evaluate your business, this is why information management is important for businesses today. With the help of a digital worker, your employees will be able to sift through and locate the desired documents and data quickly, while being able to access important analysis and insights.

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4. Your Projects Keep Getting Delayed or Stuck

Fully implementing digital transformation will take time, however, having delays in projects can have a negative impact for the business’s ROI. If you are often experiencing delays in tasks while expanding your business, this is a sign that you need to structure and digitise your projects. With the help of a digital worker organising your projects, your business can benefit from having a better overview, and having timely updated information to help you make faster and better decisions.

5. Employees Are Not Willing to Learn New Digital Skills

With more business incorporating new technology in their practices, employee can benefit from learning new digital skills to aid their work process. If your employees are burnt out or overworked, they might not have time or be interested to learn new digital skills for the tasks. Some might fear with new technology being involve that it will lead them to lose their job, this is far from the truth. The purpose for digital workers is to help and work alongside with the human workers.

The new addition of digital workers should help employees reduce their workload and improve their overall work environment. Therefore, businesses should encourage employees and provide training to learn new digital skills.

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Written by: Reiko Anjani