Gleematic is now certified as one of the pre-approved vendors for SMEs Go Digital scheme in sea-transport industry. This comes under the umbrella of Sea Transport Industry Digital Plan jointly supported by Infocomm Media Development Authority and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. This aims to provide affordable automation solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the sea transportation sector.

Eligible SMEs can enjoy funding of up to 70% (currently raised to 80% till end of 2020) supported by the Singapore government . Packages start from just about S$2,000 or S$3,000 (after a grant) to get smart digital workers who can do a lot of work for you for a year. Your team will also get training on controlling robot-software, some on-site professional services, and telephone/email support.

Gleematic is your solution in optimizing cognitive automation in business because it can do many things such as:

  • Create booking orders,
  • Immigration-clearance (entering crew’s data),
  • Updating vessels’ details into web portals,
  • Declaring types of goods,
  • Extract information from documents (e.g. Shipping Instructions / Bill of Lading/order forms),
  • Monitoring estimated time of vessel arrivals,
  • Updating information about containers (laden or empty),
  • Other automation to work with any I.T. system or files (including HR, Finance, Procurement and many more.
Quantitative Benefits
  • Higher productivity for users because Gleematic robots can do work 3 to 5 times faster than human
  • Reduce cost up to 68% compared to I.T. overhaul
  • Dependable, Gleematic is available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week
  • Lower utilization of other resources to get the same output
  • Superb accuracy (close to 100% for digital data) because Gleematic robots do not make “human errors”
Qualitative Benefits
  • Reduce human-fatigue (staff) as there is the elimination of time-consuming and repetitive tasks to do
  • Higher staff satisfaction
  • Up-skilling of human workers to become “robot masters”

You can read up more information on Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) which supports companies in the adoption of  IT solutions and equipment that increase productivity. We look forward to supporting you with Gleematic to increase productivity in your business.