Gleematic Co-Founder, Ada Lim, is speaking about the utilization of cognitive automation in shipping industry 

On 31st July 2019, Singapore Shipping Association held “Inaugural Tech and Demo Day”, which took place at Amara Hotel Singapore. Gleematic team is truly honoured to be given a chance to take part in such tech-immersive networking event.

Singapore Shipping Association, or also well-known as SSA, is a ‘vessel’ for Singapore’s maritime community where a wide range of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry assemble to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre.

The Tech and Demo Day is an initiative organised by SSA to achieve its objectives. SSA Tech and Demo Day is a one-day event which aims to enhance or help shipping companies in adopting and implementing technological innovation in their business. By aiming this, SSA Tech and Demo Day acts as a bridge between industry and technology start-ups to each share insights of their own business thus they can fill each other’s business gap and improve together.

Key activities in SSA Tech and Demo Day are showcasing and demonstrating solutions by technology providers to meet the needs of both SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and global shipping industries. These solutions diverse, such as maritime cybersecurity, drone-shipping, telemedicine, smart supply chains, and cognitive automation solution to improve administrative business processes.

Gleematic took part as technology providers in cognitive automation, to offer a revolutionization in administrative processes for an improved business. Our co-founder, Ada Lim, gave insight-talks about how Gleematic can revolutionize admin-work in shipping industries.

To complement the insight-talk which brings solutions for the shipping industry to adopt innovative technology, we were all provided demonstration booths which enable us to intimately and deeply share about our solutions.

Gleematic Co-Founder, Ada Lim, is sharing about Gleematic at the demonstration booth

It was a tremendous honour and pleasure for Gleematic team to take part in SSA Tech and Demo Day, where we could build a network with key-figures in maritime industries also get to know a lot of other technology providers.

We are hoping we can furthermore get involved in similar initiative held by Singapore Shipping Association.