Gleematic Co-Founder, Ada Lim, as trainer in masterclass by SBF

Many enterprises worldwide are shifting to digitalisation, a transformation of their operational business processes to become modernized and revolutionized. Manual processing is being replaced with more advanced technology as a solution to the growing operational demands. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is lately known as advanced and cutting-edge technology to overcome operational business constraints, to make work faster and easier.

Seeing the issue that arises and the emergence of RPA, there is a need for action to propagate the knowledge of RPA in addressing business roadblocks. As a key-provider of capability-building initiatives and services for Singapore businesses, Singapore Business Federation (SBF) deployed a masterclass program to level the implementation of RPA among Singapore enterprises. This program forms in training and workshop sessions by skilled and experienced professionals in the related fields.

This program conducted Masterclass: Job Redesign & Robotic Process Automation functions, divided into two classes: finance functions and HR functions. These 3-days training sessions were held on 4-5 & 13 September 2019 for finance functions and 10-11 & 19 September 2019 for HR functions.

The course outline was in the form of training & workshop sessions with a combination of short lectures, case exercises, group discussions, and presentations. The subject outlines for 3-days sessions are an overview of RPA and training on RPA software (Day 1), training on RPA software and analysing the implementation of RPA including performing RPA scripts (Day 2), and kick-start presentations of RPA project by participants to end the 3-days session.

Those to attend were both finance administrators who manage daily finance functions & processes and HR managers who manage job roles of employees. These finance administrators and HR managers came from companies who moved towards digitalisation, especially using RPA as a way for them to transform their business to be more digitized. In finance, RPA is desired to make business operations more productive by automating some rules-based and repetitive tasks. In human resource (HR), RPA is desired to result in job redesigning opportunities.

Gleematic co-founder, Ada Lim, was honoured to be a trainer for this masterclass workshops. She shared knowledge in the training sessions about how robots and A.I. are changing the landscape of work.

With RPA, the work becomes faster and easier. All the high-volume, mundane, and repetitive tasks can be handled. RPA can become human’s co-colleague who can help to do more value-added tasks which have more superior business results. If enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI), RPA can level up to do various processes with extensive outreach.

The objectives of this program were mainly to get a high-level understanding of RPA and AI adoption and implementation, especially in the areas of finance and job redesigning process. These objectives were attained by giving insight training of how RPA and AI work, their key features and functions, overall capabilities, opportunities they offer and the challenges they need to overcome.

As an outcome, it is to be hoped for that this program will enlighten the core of RPA and AI capabilities in creating a better work quality. Hopefully, by providing this masterclass course, the opportunities of RPA adoption could be wider to improve the quality of business.