Nuturing Future-ready students

Get your students skilled in the latest A.I. empowered automation with Gleematic. Teach them more intelligent capabilities beyond Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Empower them to stand out in the crowd of job-seekers and jump-start careers with cognitive process automation. The workplace of the future is not a “fair” one for graduates anymore. Those who can learn to harness the power of machines and complement it with human’s soft-skills will be getting ahead of others. We can help you help your students with our sponsorship of software for educational purposes. 

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Learning materials & Training

We will support your institution/ university/ college with training for your trainers/ lecturers/ tutors so that they can in turn guide the students. We also have online learning platform and tutorials-on-demand, to empower knowledge-transfer at any time, anywhere. 

Benefits for your school & students

  • Complimentary access to cutting-edge cognitive automation software
  • Empowering students to be future-ready! Prepare for the new workplace where humans collaborate with intelligent machines.
  • Exposure to real-world use-cases where cognitive automation is transforming the way work is done in offices. 

Request for sponsorship!

To educators:

Teach your students to be more intelligent and harness the power of cognitive software robots. Let us know about your institution/ university/ college and we'd be hapy to talk more!

To students:

Connect us with your school/ institution/ college/ university if you want to be a future-ready graduate empowered by skills in Cognitive Automation.

Make your schools more intelligent!

Contact us if you want your university, higher education institution, or college to join this program. We will contact you soon.