With people living side by side along with rapid technological advances, technology and digitalization growth have also entered the hospitality industry.

Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, and Automation are technological innovations that have not only revolutionized consumer experience but can also provide comfort from a business perspective. In this article we will learn how AI in hospitality an bring positive impact.

For example, we will gradually replace safes and chequebooks with bar codes, mobile payments, and cloud-based technology. This innovation has completely replaced the need for a physical payment system at the reception or cashier counters, while increasing security, efficiency, and transparency.

OYO Rooms is the first company to introduce technology-based solutions from the hotel management side. We expect this technology to help manage hotel operations so that they can be more efficient while providing standardized experiences for customers.

Modern technological innovation allows players in the industry to find potential customer solutions. In order for the hotel owners to remain competitive in a dynamic industry, it is necessary to link to modern technological innovations. A holistic approach that covers multiple organizational and technical facets includes a consistent customer experience.

AI in Hospitality

Here are six of the latest technological innovations that players in the hospitality industry should know:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT): This technology is commonly used to control lights and room temperature.
  2. Big data: This technology can help hotel managers offer a more personalized stay. For example, hotel managers can help suggest appropriate tourist locations to guests based on age, budget, and gender.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Through this technology, hotel owners can predict when rooms will be full through AI analysis on guest check-in trends. This technology can also determine the complaints of guests and see the branch and room where the complaint originated so that they can follow up immediately.
  4. Augmented Reality (AR): With this technology, guests can take a virtual tour of the rooms and around the hotel to see the facilities and attractions offered around the hotel.
  5. Recognition Technology: Guests can use this technology to open their hotel rooms and check in or check out using fingerprints and facial scanning.
  6. Chatbot: This technology can answer questions, a service that allows guests to interact with AI through the chat display.

That is some technological innovations that are growing rapidly and helping to develop the hospitality industry around the world.

Written by: Victor Jimm