AIBotics Go-Digital Series is a global conference and exhibition that reviews the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence and robotic innovations. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this event is completely online. The series has two parts, one exhibition and one webinar.

Ada Lim, our Marketing and Sales Director spoke during one of the webinars on 3rd September 2020. The topic was “Intelligent Edge Devices“. Firstly, the synopsis is to discuss on processing of data close to collection point and allowing systems to make operational decisions. Secondly, low power plug-in to accelerate deep learning inference on the edge. Lastly, understanding Edge AI Inference Systems to deliver high performance and fast responsiveness for real-time intelligence. The expected outcome is to know how intelligent edges can be adopted to enhance performance and higher operational order.

The partner for this webinar is Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA). The special speakers were Mr Terence Teo, President of SIAA and Keoh Sye Loong, a professor from University of Glasgow.

The webinar went on from 1pm to 4pm, where Ada spoke for about 20 minutes from 2:30pm to 2:50pm. Ada gave a brief introduction of our company and what our software does. She presented “Power of AI and Machine Learning at the Click of Buttons”. She showed how our software can help companies using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lastly, the webinar ends with a panel discussion wrap up and question and answer section.

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