With education being so fundamental, schools are filled with students eager to learn. But with such a large number of students, there is bound to be loads of administrative work to be done. From admission to lessons to graduation, every step of a student’s journey requires some form of administrative work. This might cause staff to be overworked and stressed. However, with Gleematic, you can help lessen your employees’ workload. This is how you can use automation in education with Gleematic.

Applying for Grants

During a new school term, students may apply for grants to help pay for school fees. This process requires students to fill up the forms and submit them while your staff checks and validates if the student is eligible for the grant. This process takes up a lot of time, as your staff needs to manually check the forms. Gleematic can help you. Firstly, get your students to submit the form online. Then, Gleematic will download all the forms and check through to see which students are eligible for the grant. Gleematic will put the list into an Excel file. After that, Gleematic will submit the names of the students who are eligible along with the required documents on the grant portal. Gleematic can work 3-5 faster than humans with almost 100% accuracy. Your staff gets to focus on more important tasks now!

Preparing Certificates

Every year during graduation, your school will need to issue certificates to all of the students using the same format. If you have a large number of students, this process will take up a lot of time. Gleematic can help you! Gleematic will first retrieve the list of all the students that will be receiving the certificate. Gleematic then extracts the information needed from each student for the certificate. Next, Gleematic enters the data needed onto the certificate format. Gleematic then sends the completed certificate for printing, and then informs the student that their certificate can be collected once it is done printing.

Scheduling of Classes

With each class, there will be different lesson plans and different lecturers for each lesson. Your staff will need to schedule the class timing and room to be used for the lessons. Again, this process takes up a lot of time and requires cross-checking with the lectures’ available timings. Gleematic can automate this process as well. Gleematic will first extract the list of lecturers and their preferred timing(s). Gleematic then enters the preferred timing into the system. If the preferred timing is not available, Gleematic will choose another time slot. Gleematic then selects an available classroom. Lastly, Gleematic will update the excel list with the time and classroom booked and inform the lecturer of their lesson slots.

These are just 3 of the processes that Gleematic can automate. Use Gleematic to help you. It is accurate, fast, and helps you to save time and costs. We are now offering sponsorships for academic institutes. Send us a request now!

Written by: Elicia Yeo