Processing documents, especially invoices, is the most common task to perform in the finance department. Digitizing the documents by moving the data from physical papers to the system has been mostly done manually, which is so time-consuming and error-prone. The question is to do it efficiently if there are hundreds of invoices to be processed daily? With automation, you can! Try Gleematic.

Gleematic is cognitive automation software that can extract numerous documents in minutes, with superb accuracy and no coding at all. With AI-based document extraction, Gleematic will help the finance department to improve the way they digitize documents and most importantly save time for other value-added tasks.

Gleematic will perform intelligent document extraction where it can automatically extract data from PDF invoices and placed the extracted data in Microsoft Excel based on respective data fields. Enhanced with powerful A.I. Machine Learning, Gleematic can identify and understand data fields in order to extract them accurately, offering superb accuracy and speed of data or document digitalization. Gleematic is also flexible and it can handle any type of documents in any kind of language since it has a multi-language interface and capability.

Move forward from manual process to automation for improved productivity and empowerment of your time, cost, and resources as it works faster and easier. Start your automation journey with Gleematic, A.I-enhanced automation software that can do more than just automation.

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