When it comes to shipping, plenty of processes have been automated with machines to help with business operations. But what about other tasks like an administration that are still being done by human staff? As a cognitive automation software, Gleematic can help you easily. This is how Gleematic can help you automate tasks in shipping.

Export Booking Process

Whenever you receive a booking request, Gleematic will input the request into your system & generate the booking number. Gleematic then emails the request to the shipper and sends a printing request to the printer. Gleematic will auto-update the booking request on Portnet and then send the billing list to the shipper. The shipper will then sign and confirm the billing list and send it back to us. Lastly, Gleematic will send a request to the printer to print the billing list and invoice.

Inventory Management Process

Whenever goods move out of your inventory, Gleematic will auto track and record the movement of the goods. Gleematic will then auto-update the inventory system. When your inventory is low, Gleematic will inform your staff. The staff will then place an order for the goods. Once the goods arrive, Gleematic will auto-update the inventory system and send a request to the printer to print out the order receipt.

Declarations on Web Portals Process

Whenever new goods arrive at the warehouse, Gleematic will classify them into categories based on the type of goods. Gleematic then updates the system with the container information and goods description. Gleematic will then enter the government portal to update details of goods received.

These are just some of the administrative processes in shipping that Gleematic can automate. Gleematic can help you complete tasks 3-5 times faster, with no superb accuracy, and at a low cost!

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Written by: Elicia Yeo