The Future of Work in Indonesia

Automation is boosting Indonesia’s economic productivity and enabling people to spend their time on more productive and rewarding tasks. If you have documents in Bahasa that you’d need to automate processing, you can be sure Gleematic can help. 

Making Indonesia 4.0

Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry has designed ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’ as an integrated roadmap to implement a number of strategies to enter the Industry 4.0 era. It requires Artificial Intelligence technology to support the development.

Cognitive automation brings intelligence to information-intensive processes. It is a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable a wide range of automation.

Automation is Helping Businesses and The Economy Grow

Automation improved Indonesia’s output per hour worked by around Rp9500 from 2000 to 2015. This contribution represented 42% of the total increase in labor productivity over this period. Businesses that successfully harnessed this productivity growth were able to grow in size, increase profits, or introduce new products and services.

How Gleematic is Designed for Indonesia

Gleematic is enhanced with AI functions such as Image-Recognition, Text Analytics (NLP), and Machine Learning. Our software can do all those functions even if your documents are in Bahasa Indonesia.

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