On 10-11 October 2018, Gleematic team attended the Cloud Expo Asia on Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center. More than 500 speakers and 300 exhibitors attended the event.

Our founder and CEO,  Mr Christopher Lim, had a great opportunity to deliver his speech on the second day. The speech was about how A.I. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a supportive component to get the true potential of the Cloud.

A lot of people were interested in our CEO’s speech. His speech was aligned with the tag line of the event, “Cloud isn’t new normal, but the new normal wont stop changing.” We all know that today, people can work anytime and anywhere through cloud-based applications.

However, there comes a question, what if we don’t even have enough time to do things? What should we do with hundreds or even thousands of data sets that need to extracted from one cloud application, processed, then put into a desktop application or a cloud applicatiom?

In the ideal world, every application will be connected seamlessly. However, the reality is that many cloud applications and desktop applications exist in silos. Yet humans need to work with a multitude of applications to complete a workflow. Our CEO addressed those issues and more at the Cloud Expo Asia 2018.

Being able to work anywhere and anytime is never enough. We strongly believe that people should leave a manual repetitive tasks to the business-automation applications like RPA robots and focus more on value-added tasks.

Gleematic’s cognitive automation RPA tool is a good partner for cloud computing systems. It works by replicating what human do (mouse clicks and keyboard strokes).

For example, if an employee in a company needs data to check a customer’s credit limit, the employee might need to open the company’s cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, put info into the desktop accounting system to calculate the credit terms, generate the invoice and email out. It’s a simple task if the company only has a few customers, but it becomes very time-consuming if there are many hundreds of customers to communicate with.

For such task, we can train Gleematic robotic process automation bots to do the task so employees can have more time to do more meaningful job.

Thank you Cloud Expo Asia 2018. Gleematic team is looking forward to join the same event next year !