On 20th November 2020, Ngee Ann Polytechnic held a webinar called “Business Not as Usual: Rethink Digitalization”. The webinar highlights the post pandemic digital disruption and entreprise of the future.

The webinar included speakers and panel sessions. Our Co-Founder Ada Lim, was one of the panel speakers.

Views on Digitalisation

Ada was invited by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to give her views on digitalisation.

“Hi, I’m Ada, Co-Founder of Glee Trees. We are a local AI technology creator Gleematic. It’s been an exciting 4.5 years of growing the company. We use our own AI and other vendors’ AI to automate our work. It’s encouraging that the government is encouraging adoption of technologies among local SMEs.”

“My experience so far has been that there still seems to be a misconception in Singapore that only big companies can provide good technology. I thought it only happened in Sim Wong Hoo’s era, when he started Creative Technology in the 1980s, but it’s still lingering.”

“I think there are many good products coming from our local companies, not just my own company, but many others. We should be proud of home-grown products. My hope for fellow Singapore companies is that we support each other, look beyond glossy advertisements of the big boys. Singapore has loads of local talents too, support local.” said Ada.

Question and Answer Section

Attendees were able to send in questions for the panel speakers to answer. One of the questions posed to Ada was “How does a small SME get started on AI? Is it just a fad that may be beyond the realistic reach of small SMEs?”

Ada’s answer was “AI is a big word and often misunderstood as something that must be very complex to use. In fact, AI is all around us, and we are using it without realising it.”

“AI is in many things such as GPS, online shopping recommendations and mobile phones that unlock by recognising your face. AI consists of 3 broad categories: image/picture, language and learning. My team has helped many SMEs adopt AI for business in suitable use-cases. You do not need big budgets or highly skilled Data Scientists.”

“The most important thing is to be able to identify processes in your company that is suitable for automation through AI. The second most important thing is to get commitment from your team that this is going to take time and effort to make it work. The next important thing is to choose a suitable technology partner to support your journey – get a tool that fits your budget, your requirements without being an overkill, and the ease of use that is suited for the skill-level of your staff. So, take one thing at a time.”

We thank Ngee Ann Polytechnic again for inviting Ada as one of their panel speakers. We hope Ada’s participation has helped the attendees to understand more about the world of automation and how it can help their company. We look forward to more speaking opportunities like this in the future, to help ease companies into the world of automation.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo