Our company, Glee Trees, is 6 years old this month!

Looking back now on how we started, we established our first office in Singapore on 1st July 2016 – precisely 6 years ago. We started with a small team, but now we have managed to grow our team so we can serve more than 50 corporate customers in many cities of Asia. During these 6 years, we have faced numerous challenges on our journey as if we were walking on broken cobblestones, including the COVID-19 pandemic. However, those challenges made our team stronger and it paved our way to many other opportunities that allow us to grow.

Our Milestones

It brought us back to reminisce accomplishments we had these past 6 years. Here’s a recap to our milestones.

Celebrating Our 6th Anniversary

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we had small online and offline gatherings with our team. We held an online gathering with all of our team members, to thank them for their great work and efforts as without them it would be hard for us to be where we are now. We also had “offline” celebrations with our team at different locations, given that our team comes from various cities.

Take a peek on the intimate gatherings we had with our team in the celebration of our anniversary!

“Online” gathering we had with our team. (Not all the team members in the picture).
Our CEO, Christopher Lim, with some of our team members had lunch together.
Some of our team held a small BBQ party.

Views from Our CEO, Christopher Lim

Our CEO and founder, Christopher Lim, shared his view on this 6th year anniversary. “We continue to grow to help people have better life, so that they can have a better work life balance. They can come home faster, as our robots take over their time-consuming tasks and complete it for them. They can spend more time on things that more valuable for them, and leave the painful tasks to our intelligent robot. We make their life better.” – he said.

To keep innovating is what got us started. It is part of our story. We always give our best to understand and listen the needs of our customers, then continuously improve how we can be their best automation service.

“To keep improving, it would not be possible without the rest of the team. You (the team) take part in making somebody else’s life better. You help them to have better work life balance. We thank each and everyone of you for willingly grow and put your best effort with us on our journey, to become a leading cognitive automation provider in Asia.” – Christopher continued, ending his speech.

Christopher emphasized that the vision he always used to drive the team, which is to release the potential of every human with an easy and friendly technology for any type of end-users. Our vision is what driving our team. The technologies keep changing in linear to the needs that also keep changing dynamically. If we don’t improve and innovate, we are left behind. We are where we are because we always innovate.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, partners, investors, and colleagues for letting our core product, Gleematic, to be a part of their lives for these past 6 years. Thank you for being with us to walk on this journey. We look forward to have more birthdays, and of course, with more good news and accomplishments!

Written by: Kezia Nadira