rio olympics 2016 v2

As a Singapore-born company, Glee Trees is very proud of our Singapore swim sensation, Joseph Schooling, who clinched the first Gold medal at Olympics Games 2016.

Schooling was the only Gold medal winner for Men’s 100m Butterfly final, while three other swim legends completed a remarkable three-way dead-heat for silver. He received a hero’s welcome when he returned to Singapore yesterday (15 August) and was formally congratulated in Parliament on the same day.

“Its been a hard road, I’ve done something that no one in our country has done before. I’ve received a lot of support and that’s phenomenal,” Schooling told reporters. Schooling defeated his idol, Michael Phelps – the first swimmer to do so in the 100m butterfly since 2004.

Schooling is indeed an inspiration to everyone that Singapore has sporting talent! His story is testimony to the fact that determination and intense diligence can bring about phenomenal success. Likewise, Singapore companies, be they in the software industry or otherwise, can take heart that they too can shine on the world’s stage if they follow Schooling’s formula – to leverage on their strengths, choose the right strategy, and put in 101% effort.