CEO of Glee Trees, Christopher Lim, have been featured on Xinhua New’s ‘Window on China & the World’. Christopher and Kurt Wee, CEO of Celligenics shared their views on expanding businesses in China.

Christopher Lim’s full interview on Xinhua News

Currently Glee Trees have already established subsidiary in Shanghai, China. Expanding our reach and helping users in China with Gleematic Cognitive Automation ’I believe China will be the largest economy in the world and continually do so for many years,’ said Christopher.

He also added, ‘We have long-term view in China. We love the culture that the Chinese government is taking the lead in encouraging innovation to increase R&D spending. With one of the largest deep tech ecosystems in the world, we definitely want to be part of it’.

Kurt Wee (CEO of Celligenics) stated that ‘One is the strong fundamentals of the Chinese economy, being a huge economy in the long- term scheme of things and then there’s the other short-term factor that is this bounce back from COVID-19.’ Mr. Wee emphasises investors and business individuals can and should maintain a stance of optimism towards China as a market.

Mr. Wee explained: “Because there’s a strong growing middle-class market in China and China is actually a multi-market within a huge market.”

The future for China’s economy is bright and promising, we are excited to share our journey in the China Market. Special thanks to Xinhua News for featuring the interview with Christopher.