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Cognitive Automation
for Claims Processing

Reduces running costs and errors simultaneously.

Description of Problem

The Insurance Company required various documents to process the claim. There were 2 scenarios for this process. The first one is when the claim was triggered by an incident. The customer would go straight to the hospital and the staff from the hospital would send the claim request to the company. The second one is when the claim is triggered on policy maturity. In this scenario, customers may send the required documents through the system provided by the Insurance Company.

Staff needs to manually check if the documents are complete. Staff needs to enter the information manually into various I.T. application that are not connected to one another, which is very time-consuming.

Client Overview:

The client is a large insurance company with various kinds of insurance products.



Processes Type:

Claims Processing

How Gleematic Helps

Gleematic is able to retrieve the data from the required documents (even from non-English documents).

Gleematic then enters the relevant info into the various I.T. applications.

Gleematic is able to validate the data through multiple systems, and uses Machine Learning to detect potential fradulent claims.



Degree of Robotization: 75% Effort Automated


ROI: 3 Months

Human Error Rate Reduced


Manual Effort Reduction to 75%


Faster Processing Time: Reduction of 65%


More Standardization


High-Quality Improvement


No More Repetitive Administration


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