Gleematic CEO and Founder, Christopher Lim, is giving insights about using A.I. software robots for better software testing, at TESTCON 2019

On the 31st July 2019, Gleematic team took part in the Clavent TESTCON 2019. Christopher Lim, CEO and Founder of Gleematic, became one of speakers to give and share insights with key-figures in IT industry. This interactive insight-packed event was held in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, and Gleematic team is honoured to take part in it.

TESTCON 2019 itself is hosted by Clavent, who organizes events focusing in technology industry. TESTCON 2019 is designed as an immersive one-day event which features insight-sharing by key-figures in IT industry. Its main focuses are to discover emerging trends in IT industry especially test automation, to expand professional network around key-figures of IT industry, to level up and upgrade knowledge and perspective in IT industry, and mainly to share best practices and case studies in the form of interactive talks.

Christopher Lim delivered insight-talks about “Revolutionizing Software Testing with A.I-Software Robots” to enhance the knowledge about the rise of software-test automation. Software-test automation itself is defined as practices of applying automation workflow (in the form of scripts) to automate common testing, that used to be done manually, in order to be done properly to verify the functionality of certain application.

Software-testing is a very important process, required to assess or verify the performance of a certain application, to ensure that it should not result into any failures or defects. Commonly, software-testing is done manually and now there is a shift to an automation in software-testing. Why : because humans make mistakes all the time, manual process is time-consuming, and errors happen most of the time. By automating software testing, tests can be accelerated, errors can be reduced, and time can be saved to do another value-added tasks.

Christopher Lim delivered that Gleematic can be used to automate software testing. It is an AI-enhanced cognitive automation, that offers benefits which can be valued such as faster because it is done automatically, reduce cost, and easy to use because no-coding is needed.

The use of A.I in software testing is increasing, due to complex decision making in testing software, form-data extraction for testing, priority matrix, and for visual inspection. A.I can replace the use of existing solutions such as human or outsource that are no longer found effective for a better software-testing.

However, it was such a big honour for Gleematic to be given chances to bring more valuable insights in IT industry.

We absolutely look forward to take part more in this remarkable event next year.

Gleematic CEO and Founder, Christopher Lim, as one of the speakers at TESTCON 2019 Singapore