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From KYC to regulatory reporting, loan-processing, or predicting fraud, cognitive automation amplifies workers’ abilities, while cutting down human errors & costs. Get a free license now!

Banking Automation

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Automate Any Banking Processes, in Any Asian Language

By automating repetitive tasks, your employees are free to work on more value-added activities.

KYC (Know-Your-Customer) Automation

KYC processes typically require information from external sources to be entered into a legacy system and information to be extracted from this system to be entered into a third system.

AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) Automation

As staff at banks strive to stay abreast of the complicated and dynamic regulatory landscape, complying with AML regulations can be costly and tricky without automation.

Loan Approval Automation

Speed up the time for borrowers to get loans approved with cognitive automation. It can help to review large numbers of applications, checks through data, and access legacy systems to complete the process.

Demo Video

Gleematic will make recommendations on whether to approve or reject a loan application. This capability is possible as Gleematic is enhanced with A.I. Machine Learning, which allows Gleematic to learn the pattern of historical data to make future predictions. This capability will be useful for other scenarios in banks such as predicting the likelihood of defaults or drop-out rates.  

Insights on Banking Automation

By automating repetitive tasks, your employees are free to work on more value-added activities.

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