Human Resources Processes

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Intelligent Automation for Human Resources

Talent Acquisition Automation

This use case is focused on filtering and shortlisting of job candidates. Once a job opening has been posted on a job-portal, candidates can indicate interest. Gleematic bot will shortlist and contact them to provide more details or fill up in-house application form.

Staff Payroll Automation

As an outsourced HR Services Provider, our User needs to process lots of information from various companies in its HR Payroll system. The User is responsible for updating their clients’ employees’ attendance and then generate payroll out of it.

Demo Video

Gleematic can handle resumes/CV received by the hiring team. Gleematic can ‘read’ the resumes despite the complexity of its template or form, thus Gleematic can also intelligently identify and extract key data points.

Why Use Cognitive Automation for Human Resources Process?

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