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We automate any kind of office work for manufacturing companies. We’ve automated order processing, supplier management, maintenance reporting, etc.

Manufacturing Automation

Results in

3 Weeks

Productivity By

+ 300%

Operation Costs By


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Automate Any Manufacturing Process,
in Any Asian Language

By automating repetitive tasks, your employees are free to work on more value-added activities.

Maintenance Report Automation

Gleematic robots can log on to SAP in the office’s network, and automatically and mimic the humans’ activities for completing the process.

Order Processing Automation

The client receives lots of orders from hundreds of customers daily. They originally have a department to process orders manually (around 5 persons).

Data Transfer Automation

Each of the client’s machines produced text files with more than 10 variables and 32,000 data points for every process. Individual data points had to be manually copied and pasted into relevant cells in Excel files, to analyze the data.

Demo Video

An “outlier” is an abnormal data point that significantly differs from other data. Detecting outliers is important because its presence indicates a potential error. If there is an abnormal variation, Gleematic will indicate it as an outlier and open Notepad to write a notification message.

Insights on Manufacturing Automation

By automating repetitive tasks, your employees are free to work on more value-added activities.

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