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Reach more potential customers with automation! You can spend more time understanding customers’ requirements and finding solutions, rather than be burdened with admin tasks. 


Start to see results in a matter of weeks!



Reduce Cost


Faster Than Humans

3 Weeks

Average time to seing the results

Intelligent Automation for Marketing and
Sales Professionals

Electronic Delivery Mail (EDM) Automation

The client often sends newsletters and EDMs for promotion using a third-party platform. But there are several problems that often lead to inefficiency.

Order Processing Automation

The client receives lots of orders from hundreds of customers daily. They originally have a department to process orders manually (around 5 persons).

Leads Report Automation

Information about each shipment needed to be gathered from different sources also had to be distributed and archived for compliance purposes.

Demo Video

This demo video shows how Gleematic copies the text message from Excel file prepared by staff. Gleematic can access WhatsApp and search for the targeted recipient, and send the message. This capability can be very useful if you have personalized text message in any languages for each customer/recipient.

Why Use Cognitive Automation for Marketing & Sales Departments?

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