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Reach more potential customers with automation! You can spend more time understanding customers’ requirements and finding solutions, rather than be burdened with admin tasks. 


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Intelligent Automation for Marketing and
Sales Professionals

Customer Billing Automation

With more than 170 million users, the Company must send billing bills to its customers 2 (two) times a month, the first invoicing is done at the beginning of the following month at the end of the month.

Order Processing Automation

The client receives lots of orders from hundreds of customers daily. They originally have a department to process orders manually (around 5 persons).

Leads Report Automation

Information about each shipment needed to be gathered from different sources also had to be distributed and archived for compliance purposes. As a result of the time-consuming process, customers of this client might encounter shipping delays.

Why Use Cognitive Automation for Marketing & Sales Departments?

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