Cognitive Automation:
What It Is and How to Implement Successfully

Read this book before you implement an automation project and get some tips on how to make it successful.

what is cognitive automation handbook ebook pdf

Why Should You Read It?

In this book you will:

Discover information about automation using Cognitive Automation to improve your day-to-day business activities.

Learn how to automate different wokflows such as bank reconciliation, capturing data from supplier invoices and many more.

Learn how Cognitive Automation helps you achieve faster results of ROI.

This handbook is organized as follows:

Some Details to Note

Before you implement RPA, you need to consider the types of processes, and the latency/ speed of the applications that you will be using to complete the process.

There are also alternative ways, such as the use of API (Application Programming Interface, which is an intermediary software that connects different systems), or traditional coding methods.

Your choice will depend on the availability of APIs (for integration), budget, resources, skills, time, volume of transactions that you’d like to automate per unit of time.

Integration is typically costly, needs highly skilled programmers, and takes a considerable amount of time.

You may want to go for integration if you have extremely large volumes of transactions (e.g. thousands/ hundreds of thousands) to be completed within seconds.

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