Empowering The Healthcare Sector with A.I Cognitive Automaton

Gleematic is a cognitive automation solution, where software robots with artificial intelligence mimic humans to complete processes on computers machines. These bots can process or move data, communicate with digital systems, verify information, read information from documents and help you predict likelihood of events. Allowing you to focus on other work. Work smart with Gleematic A.I.


Why the Healthcare Sector Needs A.I Cognitive Automation

Introducing even a basic level of Cognitive Automation to a healthcare workflow expands its quality and reduces the cost of its pathway modelling and adverse event compliance, where simple solutions which takes less than four weeks to deploy generate significant gains.

The annotation of routes and the extraction of insights from massive unstructured data far exceeds the capacity of manual labor that healthcare professionals can achieve, an arising opportunity for Cognitive Automation.

Billing and claims

Done automatically, making payment and checking of claims easier.

Case management

Collates data to identify anomalies and errors.

Patient-data reporting

Professional review of patient’s data when admitted to hospital allows booking of procedures.

Automated follow-up

Better medical care for your patients through improved efficiency.

Appointment scheduling

A.I. collects customer’s information from identity documents and automatically enters it into systems.

Determining satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction score can be calculated automatically.


Cognitive Automation for the Healthcare Sector

  • Cost saving/high ROI
  • Higher Productivity: Improve up to ~319%
  • Scalable beyond headcount
  • Streamline processes
  • Superb accuracy with digital data
  • A.I “learns” & get better with more data
  • Allow employees to focus on value-added tasks


Save up to 70% compared to overhauls


3X to 5X Faster


Start to see results in weeks!

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Automate Your Workflow!

Go above and beyond with Gleematic A.I. Cognitive Automation for Healthcare. The risks are low, workflow quality is improved and costs are reduced. Our exclusive technology is easier to use and set up compared to other automation tools. Even end-users can be empowered to tap into the power of A.I. robots and you can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots yourself!