Make H.R. more human with automation

Human-resource (HR) department is the “glue” that keeps teams together. HR professionals should be spending more time on crafting talent-management strategies, staff-development plans, and optimal policies that will motivate staff to contribute their best to the organisation. Cognitive automation combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and rules-based automation (robotic process automation – RPA) to help in HR functions ranging from recruitment, employee on-boarding, administration of policies, staff-file management, training coordination, documentation for exits, etc.  Give more jobs to software-robots to create more time for tasks that only humans can do.

Case for HR

Gleematic can get data from multiple job application forms in a Microsoft Excel file, and enter all of the data into a different Microsoft Excel file. Gleematic can copy all the data from multiple sheets in an Excel file, and paste it into another Excel file. This function will be useful in making HR recruitment report for the HR manager to review.

Make more time for human touch with automation:

Have you ever imagined working alongside a digital colleague who “lives” in a computer? Your new “colleague” can help you in gathering data, transforming it, and working with disparate platforms that do not communicate with one another.

It also has the intelligence (natural language processing – NLP) to “read” documents like humans do, to decipher whether a colleague is happy with his job or predict the likelihood of resignations. Cover-letters can be screened using machine-learning and NLP to filter who might be suited for a specific role, while the RPA can comb the application form to pick up details to be inserted into the personnel-files.

With Gleematic, you don’t have to worry what type of underlying technology is needed. We have packaged it to make it seamless so that you can focus on being a human. Leave the transactional processes to the bots.  

Talent acquisition

Automatically post job openings on multiple job portals, consolidate applications, screen resumes, and predict who might be best-suited for a role.


Extract data and validate with ID documents/ certificates. Create new email accounts. Assign phone numbers.

Employee relations

Keep employees happy by understanding their needs and their career aspirations through classifications of feedback.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance with man-power policies and apply for relevant permits for your staff on time.

Compensation & benefits

Read data from receipts, extract information, check eligible claim limits, pick out abnormalities.

Learning & Development

Check who is due for re-training, email training-providers, collate feedback forms, generating reports.


Why use Cognitive Automation for HR?

  • (A.I.) Reduces level of human intervention by smart data extraction
  • (A.I.) Ability to predict likelihood of fraudulent claims
  • (A.I.) Predicts staff’s performance/ likelihood of attrition
  • Streamlines processes
  • Adheres to specified procedures
  • Complies to regulations
  • Works with existing I.T. applications


Up to 70%


15% of time for integration

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Take control and do more!

Your Human Resources Department can improve efficiency and have more time for things only humans can do. Our exclusive technology is easier to use and set up compared to other automation tools. This means that even end-users can be empowered to tap into the power of A.I. robots, and you can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots yourself!