Cognitive Automation in Banking

Banks and financial institutions (FI) face intensified competition while tackling challenges in complying with regulations, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Your bank/ FI can get a competitive edge through cognitive automation such as Gleematic – artificial intelligence (AI) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) –  without having to worry about limitations of legacy core systems and the type of data you handle. Gleematic can be used in various departments such as retail-banking, remittance, trade-finance, private banking, loans, credit-cards, and others. 


The next step for modern banks

Reduce risks of fines and meet changing demands of customers faster by relying on intelligent digital workforce. Get your human colleagues to impart their knowledge to the cognitive software robots to read information from documents (e.g. salary slips, telephone bills), interpret and classify the data (even in different languages), process information fast and accurately, and even predict potential fraud without complicated coding.

Intelligent cognitive automation with A.I. such as Gleematic can work with core-banking systems without requiring expensive infrastructure or long-periods of stressful I.T. system overhauls.  

Automate tasks for your bank or financial institution at a more intelligent level, through the use of computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), intelligent information extraction, machine learning and predictive analysis.  Gleematic works for you, even without connecting to the internet or any type of server. 

KYC processes

A.I. recognises logos/faces, extracts and interprets data from identity documents (e.g. passports) or proof of residence (e.g. letters), rules-based automation carries out data-entry.

AML processes

Carry out anti-money-laundering checks and connect easily with systems to conduct transaction monitoring, currency transaction reporting (CTR) systems, customer identity management, etc.


Advanced language capabilities of cognitive software robots check supporting documents, even if not in English (Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc.). Speed up decision-making and predict defaults too.

Account opening

Improve turn-around time with intelligent robots that can validate data in multi-languages. Access legacy systems and open accounts without complicated I.T. overhaul.


Ensure accuracy and timeliness in outward or inward remittances by getting A.I. empowered automation to complete workflows.


Stay on top of your regulatory compliance by ensuring necessary checks and documents are in place. Accurate and timely reporting is possible.

Why use Cognitive Automation for Banking?

  • (A.I.) Extract data from multiple types of documents and verifies information
  • (A.I.) Gain insights for potential up-selling
  • (A.I.) Predict the churn of customers
  • (A.I.) Understand customers’ satisfaction
  • (A.I.) Predict trends, detect abnormalities/ fraud
  • Accelerate the speed of work 
  • Adherence to specified procedures
  • Streamline processes
  • Complies to regulations 
  • Avoid fines/ legal issues of non-compliance 
  • Works with existing I.T. applications (even legacy ones) 


Up to 70%


3X to 5X Faster than humans


Start to see results in a matter of weeks!

what is rpa cognitive automation

Empower yourself!

Rules-based automation such as  robotic process automation (RPA) alone is not enough if you want to get ahead. Our cognitive automation technology is easy enough even for end-users to tap on the power of A.I. and machine learning. Our solution is “on premise”, so that you don’t have to worry about your data being exposed on the internet. You can learn to create and edit scripts to direct these intelligent robots yourself!