Cognitive Automation in Insurance

Cognitive software robots tap on the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make sense of data, and combine with rules-based automation to link workflows in a contextual manner. Relieve the burden of over-flowing back-office transactions and legacy systems in the highly-regulated insurance industry. You can ensure timely approvals of claims, fast background checks for on-boarding, accurate calculations for underwriting, and consistent reports for sending to authorities with the help of cognitive software robots. 

Cognitive Automation in Insurance by Gleematic

Case for Insurance

Gleematic pick up info from PDF file and type into Excel File. We can use the template to train Gleematic to recognize each field of information.

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Cognitive Automation in Insurance by Gleematic - Family Insurance

Why Cognitive Automation for Insurance?

  • (A.I.) Reduce level of human intervention
  • (A.I.) Automate a wider range of tasks (beyond rules-based)
  • (A.I.) Make predictions and recommendations for increased revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Streamline processes
  • Adhere to specified procedures
  • Comply to regulations 
  • Work with existing I.T. applications 
  • Avoid fines due to time-sensitive declaration 
  • Achieve up to 50% FTE savings


Save up to 70% compared to overhauls


3X to 5X Faster


Start to see results in weeks!

what is rpa cognitive automation

Automate insurance smartly!

Go above and beyond with Gleematic A.I. Cognitive Automation for insurance. The risks are low, as you don’t have to change your core-insurance system or to invest a fortune to try out. Our exclusive technology is easier to use and set up compared to other automation tools. Even end-users can be empowered to tap into the power of A.I. robots, and you can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots yourself!