Corporate Social Responsibility

We help NPOs to spend more time on furthering cause and helping beneficiaries, rather than on tedious admin tasks.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Spend more time on things that matter most!

Your charity or NPO/NGO is set up to do good work for the people, the environment or the animals around us. Yet, there is a lot of manual and tedious administrative tasks to do in managing an organisation. You might be spending time updating volunteers’ database, informing donors about recent activities, or filling up forms on behalf of clients to get financial assistance for them. You would also need to track donations carefully, update the financial data, or generate report for authorities. We can help you with all these tasks and more with Gleematic A.I. software robots. Spend more time on furthering your cause and helping your beneficiaries, rather than on tedious admin tasks.

Giving Back to Our Communities

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, our team will contribute with the following:

Sponsorship of 6 months licenses for all registered charities.

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