Sea Transport Solution

Challenge: Transfer information from Bills of Lading (Excel) 

  • Shipping industry has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, as movement of goods have slowed down due to decreased volume of manufacturing or production.
  • Terminals, ports, etc., have been affected with restrictions on international travel or increased regulations on checking of goods. 
  • Governments are implementing “lock-downs” or restricting to travel and ship to other country.
  • Ship agencies and other shipping-related companies have revenue to pay for staff to complete work. 


  • You can use “digital workers” such as Gleematic which cost a fraction of FTE (full-time employee labour cost).
  • Gleeamtic has A.I. to pull out data from documents such as Bills of Lading to Excel in desired format and prepare Manifest. 
  • It is also able to do things such as completing the entire process of filling out forms on the two government web portals, and making a report on orders / incoming cargo orders with detailed information about containers, etc.
  • The use of automation in the shipping agency and shipping industry can help cushion the impact of decreased revenues caused by the outbreak.