Cognitive Automation
for Customer Billing

Reduces running costs and errors simultaneously.

Description of Problem

With more than 170 million users, the Company must send bills to its customers 2 (two) times a month, the first invoicing is done at the beginning of the following month. The second time at the end of the month. Company staff must download invoice details from each account to be billed from the system one by one to check and sort.

The staff usually had to address several issues, including:

Mundane Billing Process

The customer service team needs to manually transfer millions of billing invoices from one system to another. They also need to make sure all the billing invoices are sent correctly. The customer service team spends hours or even days just to do all this work.

Human Error

Every day, the staff needs to transfer billing invoices within systems one by one. This manual repetitive task often causes human errors such as missing invoices or even wrong recipients. Most of the staff were also feeling overwhelmed by this mundane process.

Client Overview:

The client is a major telecommunications company with hundreds of million users.



Processes Type:

Customer Billing

How Gleematic Helps

Our first step was to understand the processes and workflow implemented by the company's customer service team. We customized several “scripts” (a set of instructions for the bot to follow) according to their needs.

Next, our Gleematic bot opens the user database system and finds the invoices. Our bot then downloads every invoice from every user, such as the name of users, their emails, the invoice number, and the billed amount. Then, our bot types all the details in the body of the email.

Following that, our bot sends the billing invoice and its screenshot file to the users. All the millions of billing invoices now can be done 5X faster. The customer service team is also now happy to work on their job.

Gleematic can perform/automate Customer Billing tasks including:



Degree of Robotization: 75% Effort Automated


ROI: 3 Months

Human Error Rate Reduced


Manual Effort Reduction to 75%


Faster Processing Time: Reduction of 65%


More Standardization


High-Quality Improvement


No More Repetitive Administration


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