There are two types of RPA robots: attended robot and unattended robot.

Attended robots are those that must be triggered by a human in order to perform their task. Once triggered, they are then able to complete tasks up to a certain stage before human intervention is needed.

Unattended bots, on the other hand, are designed to carry out predictable, repetitive tasks that require no human intervention and which can be fully automated from end-to-end at preset times (including overnight). Like attended robot, unattended robot are able to carry out checks on data using predetermined business rules to support an organization’s quality control and compliance.

And of the two types of robots that have significant differences and need to be known as below

Unattended Robot

  • Requires Minimal or no human intervention for automation
  • Self-triggered by batch work, RPA will continue another batch job after 1 is completed
  • Can be triggered by scheduling based on monthly, daily, certain hour of the day or interval
  • Can be triggered by events(E.g when Robot constantly waiting for a logo or image to perform a task)
  • Usually, use for high volume transactions
  • Usually, use in the back office

Attended Robot

  • Requires some human intervention such as logging into a system with credentials or human to do certain validation before continuing the automation
  • It acts as an assistant to the User in certain task that is repetitive, while the User continues with other decision-making task or interact with customers
  • Triggered manually
  • Usually, use in front office operations

Written by: Benny Tan