Difference Between Workflow Automation and Robotics Process Automation document extraction

Difference Between Workflow Automation and Robotics Process Automation

In automation, we often hear about workflow automation and also Robotic process automation, but maybe we don’t yet understand what the basic differences are between these two types of automation and also what the goals are.

Workflow automation and robotic process automation greatly help us in doing work routines. for that, we need to know what is the difference between workflow automation and robot process automation as below.

The target of Workflow Automation is automating the movement among work activities across the process, while the target of RPA is automating a human’s work activities.

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Workflow Automation may sometimes be instant while RPA works at the speed 3 times faster than a human.

Workflow Automation works only in a single system while RPA allows for automation across multiple different systems (Microsoft Excel, Google Chrome, etc.)

Building your Workflow Automation requires some expertise in computer coding language(s) while RPA does not.

Workflow Automation is not easy to set up or maintain due to the high knowledge entry, while RPA can be managed by anybody without coding experience.

RPA is self-sustainable because even new users can view the instructions set up and understand what the automation is doing so that he/she can improve on it if needed.

Workflow Automation is not as sophisticated as RPA because RPA can cover judge-based and knowledge using Artificial Intelligence

Workflow Automation is not viable for automating work activities with hardcopy documents while RPA can be used for OCR and text extraction.

Workflow Automation requires specialized consultant and/or designer to properly set up, while RPA can be customized by anybody without a coding background

RPA and Workflow can have synergy by using RPA to activate any existing Workflow Automation. However, RPA can still be set up to automate the work activities.

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