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17 June 2021- In collaboration with Nanyang Technology University Singapore, our Director, Ada Lim, facilitated a one-day exclusive “Digital Transformation Through Process Automation” course. The objective of this course is to provide participants with a broad understanding of Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Process Automation, and Business Process Automation. Participants received knowledge of Robotic Process Automation, and got hands-on practice to build a basic RPA script using Gleematic.

Participants spent the first half of the course understanding the different types of digital automation and the impact to business. The course also covered several use cases and how Process Automation has changed the business landscape. Ada also gave some insights about how to choose the right form of digital automation based on types of processes. In order to understand Process Automation better, participants are engaged in games and group discussions as well.

The second half of the course saw participants developing Robotic Process Automation script using Gleematic. Participants went through hands-on exercises that taught them what to look for and avoid when developing automation scripts. “Script” is a set of instructions designed by humans as a way to instruct the robot.

We thank Nanyang Technology University Singapore for organizing this course and making sure the venue was well set up. 

We welcome you to join us for the next run. Check out the dates for the course at NTU’s website. This course is SSG Funded. You can also use your Skills Future Credit to pay for this. 

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