We are flying Gleematic to Jakarta, Indonesia!

November is quite a busy month for our team as several events taking place in between the weeks. We started November by flying to Indonesia, Jakarta – to join ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) 2022 in their business mission program. The objective of our participation is to introduce our tech-solution to more Indonesia’s enterprises and technology players, to support the journey of digital transformation in Indonesia.  

We Embrace and Support Digital Transformation

What was it the pandemic telling us? Our take is that pandemic taught us to leverage on technology to keep our productivity and business efficiency stable, despite the dynamic business environment. Relying on technology proves to keep more stability for our business, especially in the cases when COVID-19 pandemic struck few years ago.

As their business shaken by the sudden changes brought upon the pandemic, enterprises are more open to the possibility of digital transformation. This, meaning that they are looking at digital transformation as a powerful option – not just to improve productivity and business efficiency – but also to keep it more stable and easier to control.

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The global digital transformation market is possible to reach a value of USD 2744.68 billion by 2026. As a technology innovator, we embrace the implementation of digitalization. This is possible by providing technology that allows enterprises to initiate their digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation involves the process of using technologies to transform conventional business practices, unlocking the potential of becoming smart enterprise. Through AI-technologies embedded in our automation software, we aim to improve productivity and efficiency of many enterprises as possible. Creating a smarter working environment for their employees by automating their manual and repetitive tasks, inventing smarter method for enterprises to make smarter business decision through data analytics, and most importantly allowing enterprises to focus on strategic tasks instead of manual recurring tasks that are too consuming.

Mr. Mulyadi, Director of Resource and Equipment of Posts and Informatics Control, Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika (KOMINFO) visited our booth

About ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) 2022

AIBP serves as an avenue for public and private organisations in Southeast Asia to access and exchange information about growth and innovation within the B2B space. With a current network of over 30,000 stakeholders in Southeast Asia, AIBP continues to develop ecosystems by engaging in activities which create value-adding information for our stakeholders seeking to make transformative impacts within their organisations.

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AIBP Conference & Exhibition are in-market physical conferences and exhibitions designed for local markets. Since 2021, AIBP conference and exhibition have been held annually in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The 37th Edition of ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) Conference & Exhibition

The 37th edition of ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) conference & exhibition in Indonesia happened in 1-2 November 2022, in the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta – Indonesia. The theme of this year’s conference and exhibition is “Navigating the Intersection of Sustainable Growth, Business & Technology”.

The key focus is to improve the country’s digital literacy and productivity, equal distribution of connectivity and mobility infrastructure. Focusing on digital transformation, this event explores the collaboration opportunities with Indonesia’s key enterprises and government agencies (including KOMINFO). This is given the fact that they are the propeller of Indonesia’s technology adaptability.

Read more about the topic brought in the conference on Day 1 and Day 2:

  • The importance of digital innovation in facilitating sustainable local and regional growth
  • Meeting customer needs in Banking, Financial Services, and Retail Sectors
  • The Importance of Effective Collaborations in Bolstering the Digital Economy
  • Industry 4.0 and How Digitalization Facilitates Its Growth
  • How Synergy Between Government and Business Facilitates Smart City Development

Showcasing Gleematic Cognitive Automation

We had a great time during the 2-days event, as one of the exhibitors displaying the new trend of technologies. With fellow technology players, we discussed new trend of technologies that are driving and reshaping multiple sectors of the economy. There are some common challenges many enterprises face. To promote digital innovation in Indonesia might be another challenge given that there is a lack of supporting infrastructure.

Discussion with Mr. Mulyadi, Director of Resource and Equipment of Posts and Informatics Control, Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika (KOMINFO)

We thank the organizer for having us. Flying to Indonesia to promote digital transformation and help them to adapt technology is another step to accomplish our vision.

Written by: Kezia Nadira