Welcome to our first edition of employee spotlight! The very first employee to feature in this edition is Reiko Anjani, our Marketing Executive! Reiko has been with us for several months to the date of this article published, but the time spent working with her makes the rest of the team rejoice! In this edition, we got a chance to have an interview with Reiko to hear – from her perspective – her experience working with the rest of the team.

Let’s meet Reiko!

How long have you been working in Glee Trees? What is your role?

I have been working with Glee Trees for 10 months (to the date this article is published) as one of the Marketing Executives. My specialties are mostly content writing in English and Mandarin, managing our social media, and other marketing-related tasks.

Can you tell us what do you like the most about your job?

What I like the most about working with Glee Trees, is that I get to be more hands on with the tasks and being able to learn more about the Cognitive Automation industry through creating our marketing content. As we all know, automation and AI are futuristic fields and I like the fact that I work within this area.

What is your experience with the company culture?

From my experience with the company culture, the workplace environment is positive and encouraging. Employees’ work and effort are well-appreciated. I have always been provided with a lot of support from our colleagues when needed.

What is the biggest challenge of your job and how you tackle them?

Glee Trees has recently established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China. The biggest challenge is learning how to navigate Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat official account, Zhihu and Bilibili. This was a very new territory for the company, so it’s an opportunity for all of us to learn more about the China Market.

Initially, I was not familiar on how to create or post content on these platforms. Therefore I took the time to learn about the best way to utilize different tools and how to create engaging posts. We would consult with other team members for advises and suggestions on what can be improved.

Which part of company values, vision, and mission that is aligned with yours?

Glee Trees’ vision is to empower all users through automation, helping workers to transform and improve their quality of office life. I connect with the vision of putting people first, I can see that this company genuinely wants to help improve people’s office life in various industries, such as Healthcare, Banking, Logistics and more.

What makes you like working here? How has your career grown since starting at the company?

Glee Trees is formed by people who are experts in their fields and they are passionate about helping people through automation. Working here makes me understand that our work and products matter, as we are helping many users changing their work life throughout Asia.

Since starting at the company, I’ve been encouraged to learn new knowledge and skills, leading me to learn more about new marketing and content tools, as well as how to navigate content creation in various Chinese social media platforms.

We thank Reiko for willing to share with us her thoughts, opinions, and experience in working with us! See you in the next edition of our employee spotlight.

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