Welcome to our second edition of employee spotlight! In this edition, we will feature Tony Eljan Lin. Tony has been with us for quite a long time, and we have been working together to achieve our goals. Tony is a part of Business Development and Partnership, and the perspective of working in Glee Trees might be different according to his view. In this edition, we had interview with Tony to let him share his perspective on his experience working in Glee Trees.

Let’s meet Tony!

How long have you been working in Glee Trees? What is your main role?

I have been with Glee Trees for almost 2 years as Business Development and Partnership. My responsibility is mostly to communicate with customers and engage with partners. We aim to help our customers to benefit from our technology and expertise.

What makes you excited about the job you do?

It is the idea that we’re able to connect with people around the globe that I like. This allows us to understand their needs and problems, hear out the current technology trends they are looking. Thus, we can offer them our technology and expertise as a solution to their problems and needs.

What is your take on the company culture?

What I do love about company culture is that our team consists of people that are supportive to each other. We grow and tend to help others to complete large assignments, and aim to achieve our goals together. It’s like extending our hands for each other to climb a rocky cliff. Our determination is also for the company to achieve business goals, which are our visions, by putting our missions into action. And our team, is determined with all these missions.

What is the biggest challenge of your job and how you tackle them?

My biggest challenge is how I can speak my clients’ words and translate their needs and problems. I Always put myself in their shoes to try to understand their situations. In order to do this, it is important to be a good listener.

Which part of company values, vision, and mission that is aligned with yours?

As a Business Development, I always believe I can help to empower people to improve their work life through advanced technology and expertise. Glee Trees provides the technology with a vision to empower all users through automation, helping workers to transform and improve their quality of office life. I stay aligned with this vision and mission, and we work each day to make them live.

What makes you like working here? How has your career grown since starting at the company?

I am always excited to connect with different people around the globe, listen to their stories, help them to address roadblocks along their journey, and offer how we can help. Bringing the technology in and solve the problems.

Glee Trees has empowered me to grow in certain areas and it elevates my career. With Glee Trees, I have the chance to connect with amazing people and understand how different business and industries work.

Thanks for sharing with us, Tony! We hope that this second edition of employee spotlight will give you ideas that working in Glee Trees is fun! See you in the next edition of our employee spotlight.

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