Does your job require you to extract terms from contract manually often? This process can be time consuming and sometimes prone to human errors.

Gleematic can recognize key-terms on a contract document and extract them all into a spreadsheet or even enter into a system. This case will be useful for various departments, e.g. HR departments, procurement departments, etc.

By using Gleematic, the extraction process is faster, more accurate, and easier: no-coding is needed! You just simply need to customize Gleematic according to your needs, and the process is automated!

Gleematic automates data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate with multiple I.T. applications.

Gleematic incorporates A.I with cognitive functions such as image recognition, object/face detection, text analytics/natural-language processing and machine learning.

With AI, Gleematic can do wide range of cognitive tasks that usually require human knowledge. Gleematic is flexible that it can work with any type of documents/files.

Move forward from manual process to automation for improved productivity and empowerment of your time, cost, and resources as it works faster and easier.

Start your automation journey with Gleematic, an A.I-enhanced automation software that can do more than just automation.

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