Gleematic team welcomed many visitors to our booth at Singapore Fin Tech Festival 2017. It was an invigorating week of various Fin-tech events which started from 14th to 18th November. The event saw over 30,000 attendees from around 100 countries as the global FinTech community gathered in Singapore to exchange ideas, network and collaborate.

It was the conjugation of the finest minds of the world with a platform provided to them to showcase their skills and capabilities and reach the pinnacle of their talents. There were insightful debates, demos, and discussions. Various technology companies, financial institution, investors, start-up, innovation professionals and research institutes had come to participate. One gets to display vividly technical awareness and compete with the best to meet the top spots. We also participated in the tech fest with Gleematic, our robotic process automation software.

We all know that one of the main things that make an event great is its guest list. In that respect, Singapore Fintech festival proved great. There were renowned names like Christine Lagarde (IMF head), Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister) and Queen Maxima, Netherlands and many more. This is a pretty decent guest list given that this was only second year of the event. It has become the world’s largest Fintech festival. Why is Singapore so popular these days? One of the main reasons for this is that there are all the required ingredients like Banks making tech changes, engaged regulator, and government policy attracting and making it easy for new businesses to begin.

Karthik Lyer, CEO of e-Chat (multi-tasking messenger having abilities of a multi-currency crypto wallet) was one of the people who were really excited about the whole event. It was a really great place to expand your business due to the large number of possibilities it provides. Opportunities for growth of Fintech in the region are significant. Last year, investment in Asia exceeded North America the very first time which included some of the great deals in China including Alipay. This year, Fintech investment in Asia is predicted to increase therefore it is a great time for events like these.

Fintech is a tool for a financial strategy which can be applied in Asia. The continent has a major part of the world’s population including India and China. One of the main issues that were highlighted was that majority of the adult population of ASEAN didn’t have access to basic banking services. It was clarified by Mr. Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education, Singapore, and second Defence assured that innovation and Fintech should not be feared. He said that Fintech is not about AI and robots replacing people but about how technology will help us to create a Smart Nation.

Now let’s talk about our participation. We participated in the Fintech festival to showcase our Gleematic software. Gleematic is intelligent robotic automation software that can interact with databases, software programs like ERP systems and business applications. Our team showcased the new user-interface and various ways of robotic process automation implementation. It included applications like icons for easier navigation and right-click on the desired step to edit/ copy/ paste/ insert. They explained how it follows rule-based decisions and does multiple tasks like exchanging data between systems and performing repetitive tasks with more accuracy and speed. We showed everyone how it lets businesses free their employees and use them for more value-added work instead.

Automating manual data entry with our intelligent workforce will eliminate data entry errors, delivering 100% accuracy and reducing processing time at a fraction of the cost as compared to using human workforce. We met business leaders and executives, the majority of whom were from banks, insurance companies, and financial-services companies. Our team also met our partners who are working with us for distribution for Gleematic software or for project implementation.

It was a really great experience for our team. We are really thrilled with the interest everybody showed for our Gleematic robotic automation software. It raised our spirits and now we are looking forward to our growth and success!

Thank you, Singapore Fintech Festival for such a fantastic event!