What is a Sales Lead?

A sales lead is when a potential customer has come in contact with a business. This person may have a requirement for future product or service, and might not have the intention to purchase right away. These leads could come in the form of emails, phone calls or social media engagement. 

Why are Sales Leads Important?

Sales leads enable businesses to easily identify the needs of the potential contacts, and a contact with interest in the product/service becomes a lead. Using the right tool, salespeople will be able to track the pages and links that have been visited, as well as by directly communicating with them through emails or calls. This enables salespeople to target their pain points and convert these leads as purchasing customers.

How can Automating Sales Lead Report Help Businesses?

Sales leads report can be an overview of all contacts information and different enquiries. By automating sales lead report, emails can be automatically filtered into their designated categories. Depending on the different types of inquiries, emails can be forwarded to the relevant departments or representatives.

Not only that ensures emails to be replied in a timely manner, this also saves salespeople a lot of time from having to manual sort out and forwards these emails.

How can Cognitive Automation Help Businesses Generate Sales Leads Report?

With Gleematic A.I. cognitive automation, our bot can automate scanning and filtering the content of these leads emails, making customer-enquiry management easier than ever. Emails can be assigned to a designated sales-rep or archived. Extracted information will then be organised and generated as an excel file report for the sales manager to review. Salespeople will no longer need to manually check incoming submissions on email. 

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Written by: Reiko Anjani