Digital platforms will become increasingly important in the logistics industry, enabling small businesses to compete with the industry’s existing giants by allowing them to have a global reach. The race to create a dominant global network will change the customer’s experience of logistics over the next few years, and it will be a key factor in deciding which companies will emerge as winners and losers in a truly digital logistics industry. With the logistics industry suffering from major inefficiencies – for example, 50% of trucks return empty after making a delivery – digital transformation will bring significant social and environmental benefits.

Together with SLA (Singapore Logistics Association), Glee Trees (AI and RPA software vendor)  hosted a virtual seminar called “Get Work Done 5x Times Faster with A.I. and RPA in Logistics”, aiming to share invaluable discussions and experiences regarding the impacts of incorporating A.I. and RPA in the logistic industry. Our Co-Founder, Ada Lim, presented the basic concepts of AI and RPA and how it helps enterprises in automating tasks. By implementing Gleematic within the error-prone and time consuming manual processes in the logistics industry, employees can spend less time establishing more detailed stock movement and increase the overall productivity of pick-and-pack processes. Logistic automation systems can also vastly improve the speed and accuracy of the communication process.

Examples of Use Cases of AI and RPA in Logistics

  • Reducing manual data entry from the internal system to B2B portals
  • Collection of structured and unstructured data from different formats and environments for processing
  • Generating and collecting on invoices.
  • Resolving payment disputes
  • Scheduling and tracking shipments
  • Read the emails by software robots.
  • Gathering freight bill payment
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Mr. Gerry Tan, the Honorary Secretary of Singapore Logistics Association shared his team’s experience in automating SLA tasks, “When AI and RPA  technologies are integrated, they form Intelligent automation that enables rapid end to end business processes. Within SLA, some of our typical work can be mundane and very repetitive. However, with the advancement of RPA, we realize that we can automate much of our work, manual operation tasks and processes. So we decided to adopt RPA to work on one of our tasks, which is actually our annual membership renewal for year 2021. Through our collaboration with Glee Trees, they offer Gleematic and their team to build “script” to automate the steps that the bot needs to do. Script is a set of instructions for this software robot to follow so that it can complete the process on a computer. The robot mimics a humans action by assessing our SLA membership management system, such as the member’s profile, download, attach and type out the members tax invoices, customize messages, dispatch emails without any human intervention.”

Melissa Ong from M&P Freight International also shared, “We are using the software for verification processes, bank reconciliation, and also other reporting purposes. It was very useful as it frees up time for other things that we could not have done before.”

A scan of the logistics industry shows that many innovations are already available today, and new ones are constantly entering the market at a rapid pace. As a result, executives must make critical strategic decisions not only about how to take advantage of fast-moving technological advances, but also about how to adapt their existing companies to this ever-changing digital environment.

Your digital transformation journey begins right now!

The digital transformation of logistics has only just begun, and it will have a significant effect on processes and even business models. Organizations must constantly track and analyze digital solutions in order to preserve or even improve their competitiveness in the future. To put it another way, finding the right technical breakthrough is critical not just for increasing market value but also for positioning yourself as a digital leader.

Gleematic helps you master this challenge. As leading experts in the implementation of digital technologies in logistics, we always have the latest digital trends in mind when developing individual solutions for our customers. Based on a joint assessment of the status quo of your strategic logistics requirements and your digital maturity level, we help you define the right digital transformation path, covering process, IT, and organizational aspects. We accompany you along the entire digital transformation journey. From strategy to results – from vision to implementation.

About SLA

Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) is established since 1973. Its mission is to promote professionalism and excellence of the logistics industry. As a trade association and strong fraternity advocate, its membership of close to 600 business entities offers a diverse scope of logistics and logistics ancillary support services. SLA fulfills its objectives in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies, academia, trade associations, business partners, government agencies, international organisations and professionals

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