Our team embarked on a 4-week training program held by Global Innovation Alliance and Plug and Play from 15 March 2021 onwards. Plug and Play is one of  the largest global innovation platforms. Working together with over 280 Corporate Partners from various verticals, including Financial, Retail, Mobility, and IoT. Plug and Play has invested in over 600 startups throughout their 19 offices in 9 countries. The Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) is a network of Singapore and overseas partners in major innovation hubs and key demand markets, with a focus on technology and innovation.

This program consisted of practical workshops that strived to provide a strong foundation to enter and scale our business in Indonesia’s tech ecosystem. These sessions were facilitated by reputable experts (Founder, COO, CTO, etc.) who had experience growing enterprises in Indonesia, and we were glad to learn from them. Their practical advice throughout the sessions helped us get better clarity on how to navigate the market, address business challenges and expand our network of potential partners and customers in Indonesia. We gained more understanding of the nuances of how to approach prospective customers, the legal framework for setting up, and the types of marketing that could work well for the audience there.

We thank Enterprise Singapore as our respected sponsor for granting us the chance to participate in this program. We are thrilled to continue our growth in the Indonesian market and eager to offer you our solutions!

We currently work closely with Forintek in Indonesia to deliver the benefits of Gleematic to our Indonesian customers. If you are looking to implement Gleematic in Indonesia, or looking to part of our ecosystem there, feel free to get in touch with the people at Forintek.