Gleematic A.I at Singapore Fintech Festival 2019

Singapore FinTech Festival has arrived again this year! We are glad to be able to join this huge event where we can showcase the new version of our Gleematic A.I robot to everyone.

As the largest financial technology event in the world, Singapore FinTech Festival gathers the business community world-wide specializing in technology, finance, banking, insurance services and many more. Loads of people attend to see the current trend that is happening worldwide in search of the solution that they can acquire to improve their business’ workflow.

Singapore FinTech Festival kicks off on 11th November till 15th November and it has been a crowded mass. Singapore FinTech Festival brings through a myriad of fintech solutions, from startups to large companies all around the world to meet attendees varying from numerous industries, who came to the event to find a solution that can fit their business.

For my first time participating in the Singapore FinTech Festival, it was very crowded. Various executives from large companies who came to visit made this event very prestigious. Many startups and FinTech companies compete to show the advantages of their application, making it interesting for visitors. This week-long event featured conference and exhibition circling FinTech. This festival allowed key-figures in global financial corporations, academia and investors to meet the tech-innovators in Fin-Tech solutions. The event also distributed various awards in the field of ASEAN and global fin-tech.

Gleematic AI rose as a fin-tech solution and offers people from various industries to improve their business by leveraging cognitive automation. We have had a tremendous time of insight-sharing with a lot of people who came to our booth. We also showcased and conducted a demo to create a vivid depiction of what cognitive automation can do.

We are so happy to have met new people and we are hoping to see you all again in the next Singapore FinTech Festival.

See you all again next year!

Written by: Jimmi Chandra