Time flies so fast, it seems like only a while ago that we participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival 2017, and yet there were again on  12-14 November 2018, to be part of the world’s largest Fintech Festival. The show just kept getting bigger and more exciting year after year.

This is the third time we have exhibited at the event that has become a forum for the entire global Fintech community to share experiences about innovations in financial technologies.

Singapore Fintech Festival has truly been consistent in providing valuable experience to all visitors. It drew a massive crowd of close to 45,000 participants from
almost 130 countries. About 400 exhibitors from more than 100 countries enlivened this exhibition floor with their showcases of various technologies around payments, insure-tech, reg-tech, platforms, others.

Attendees of the conference were wowed by luminaries among the speakers including Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, Christine Lagarde, Managing
Director, International Monetary Fund, and Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education of Singapore and Board Member of MAS (Monetary authority of Singapore). Leaders of various countries, such as Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and Chairman of MAS, Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Finance of Singapore and Board Member of MAS, Patrick Njoroge, Governor of Central Bank of Kenya, and Sonexay Sithphaxay, Governor of Bank of the Lao PDR, also visited the Festival.

Ravi Menon, Managing Director, shared at his opening speech that “FinTech is not just about technology or finance: FinTech is about the spirit of enterprise, infused with the empathy that lifts us to be better people. That is, it is about innovation, inclusion and inspiration.” Gleematic team also believe that our technology will better others’ lives and bring glee (joy) to office workers.

Technology can indeed assist us to make the seemingly-impossibility become possible. In the recent past about 10 years ago, people might not be able to imagine a “robot” that can control a computer and help humans complete work in offices. But here we stand, with technologies such as Gleematic, you can tap on the power of A.I. and automation to have a digital assistant help you check documents or complete some of your work as you spend your previous time doing things like planning and creating. Cognitive automation enables us to do many things we never thought possible before.

One of the interesting panel discussions was called A.I in Finance Summit whereby attendees got insights into how to get the true potential of A.I. and Machine Learning. As we know, Machine Learning is one of the no-longer-secret ingredients, especially in automation. By this ability, it can used along any kind of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. For example, in any Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, Machine Learning is able to help us detecting the abnormal customer while RPA controls data entry into a legacy system.

This year, Glee Trees team was proud to showcase our new capabilities in extracting data from documents (e.g. from invoices or bills of lading). Some users can use these new features for accounts-payable automation, accounts-receivable automation, or KYC-automation to read information from documents submitted by customers.

Our team also showed to the visitors how our A.I. automation robots could assist them in various manual rules-based tasks and some cognitive tasks. The visitors were able to experience how a mix of computer vision/ image-recognition, text analytics (e.g. text-classification and entity-extraction), and Machine Learning can be used to automate various workflows involving structured and semi-structured documents.

Our sincere thanks for those who joined us at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018. We are inspired to keep innovating with A.I. RPA so that we can empower more people to have more productive use of their time.

Thank you, SingEx and MAS for organising the Singapore Fintech Festival! We’re looking forward to the same event next year!