Gleematic AI team recently conducted a comprehensive one-day workshop for our partner, Kompas Gramedia, on Thursday, November 23. The workshop, led by Gleematic’s seasoned trainer, Wahyu Krisna Putra, aimed to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the various features offered by Gleematic AI to optimize work processes.

About Kompas Gramedia

Kompas Gramedia stands as a beacon of innovation in the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia. As a visionary conglomerate spanning mass media, hospitality, manufacturing, and event organizing, Kompas Gramedia is committed to becoming the largest, most integrated, and expansive company in the region. With a mission to foster an educated and enlightened society, they have found a valuable ally in Gleematic AI.

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Workshop Highlights

The workshop saw the active participation of eight individuals from Kompas Gramedia who engaged in immersive learning sessions to harness the power of Gleematic AI. The training syllabus covered a range of essential features, including:

  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  2. Extract Data with Use Case (Advanced)
  3. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  4. OpenAI, ChatGPT with Usecase
  5. Diff Image
  6. Image Detection
  7. Text Classification
  8. Fuzzy Extract One

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Rated highly by attendees, the workshop proved to be a valuable experience for professionals from various departments. Participants unanimously expressed their appreciation for the content presented, finding it useful and directly applicable to their daily work processes.

Kevin Susanto, a software engineer from the IT Department, shared his thoughts, stating, “The trainer really mastered the material and was able to convey the material well so that it was easy for me as a workshop participant to understand the material presented.”

Gustafa Kemal, another software engineer from the IT Department, echoed this sentiment, saying, “As a workshop participant, I was very enthusiastic about taking part in this activity because it was supported by a trainer who was quite concrete in explaining the theme.”

Transform Your Work with Gleematic AI

The workshop emphasized the opportunity for participants to revolutionize their work processes using Gleematic AI. The diverse range of features showcased in the training allows users to tackle various tasks, from Optical Character Recognition to Image Detection and Text Classification.

We would like to express our gratitude to Kompas Gramedia and all participants for making the workshop a resounding success. The team is eager to witness how they will leverage Gleematic AI to enhance work efficiency and bring about positive transformations in their office workflows.

For organizations looking to boost productivity and embrace the future of work, Gleematic AI continues to be a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions to meet evolving business needs.