Gleematic AI was proud to be part of the vibrant celebration at the 2nd Anniversary of the Singapore Women Entrepreneurs Network (SG-WEN) on September 21, 2023. It was a significant event that marked another milestone in the organization’s journey towards empowering women entrepreneurs. The event, titled “SG-WEN’s Big Day Out,” brought together a diverse array of women entrepreneurs. This event showcased a marketplace and business matching session that resonated with the themes of Digitalisation, Internationalisation, and Sustainability.

About SG-WEN

SG-WEN was launched on September 21, 2021, by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). They stand as a crucial network for businesswomen within the community. It serves as a platform to connect with women entrepreneurs associations across the Asia-Pacific region, especially within ASEAN. With a vision to be the preeminent network of women entrepreneurs in Singapore, SG-WEN dedication is to helping women achieve their fullest potential in business, benefiting both their communities and economies. Their mission involves uniting and collaborating with existing women business networks, advocating for women’s business perspectives, facilitating knowledge sharing, fostering partnerships, and promoting growth.

About the Event

“SG-WEN’s Big Day Out” was a testament to the network’s commitment to advancing women’s entrepreneurship in Singapore and the wider ASEAN region. The event featured a marketplace and business matching session across three strategic areas: Digitalisation, Internationalisation, and Sustainability. These areas highlighted businesses that have embraced digitalization, expanded internationally, or implemented sustainable practices within their core operations. It provided a platform for entrepreneurs to network, share knowledge, and explore opportunities for growth in these critical domains.

Highlights from the Event

Guest-of-Honour for SG-WEN: Minister Mrs. Josephine Teo

The event was graced by Guest of Honour, Minister Mrs. Josephine Teo, who shared an inspiring story about her late grandmother’s journey into entrepreneurship, showcasing the resilience and capabilities of women even in challenging circumstances. Minister Teo emphasized the importance of women’s leadership in Singaporean businesses, highlighting the pivotal roles women play in business success – a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit of women in business. With statistics showing that less than half of businesses in Singapore are led by women, Minister Teo emphasized the vital roles women play in ensuring the continued success of companies. Her words resonated deeply with all of us, underscoring the importance of supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs.

Members’ Sharing Session

Throughout the day, we heard empowering stories from fellow SG-WEN members. They highlighted how this exceptional network has been instrumental in catalyzing their professional journeys and elevating their businesses. It was heartening to learn about their experiences and the impact of SG-WEN’s programs.

One standout moment was the panel discussion featuring entrepreneurs at different stages of growth. This panel discussion featured Samsiah Suliman (speaking on AWEN Award), Claire Ariela Shen (speaking on Entrepreneurs Circle), and Melody Tan (speaking on Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Singapore
programme). This panel was moderated by Theodora Maria Voutsa.

They shared how SG-WEN’s initiatives have been invaluable in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Some even spoke about their participation in the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs program organized by the U.S. Embassy in Singapore—a testament to the global reach and influence of this remarkable network.

SG-WEN’s Marketplace Mission

Moreover, the event provided a unique opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and representatives from various industries who are making waves in digitalization, internationalization, and sustainability. It was a day of forging invaluable connections and expanding horizons. Our team Ada Lim and Christopher Lim manned our booth.

We took part in showcasing our solution under “Digitalisation”. Joining us under the scope, there were also Perky Lash (Perky Lash – Digital Booking App for SMEs), NOMOPAI (EduTech), Synagie Group Asia & Europe (Business Digitalisation). While under “Internationalisation”, there were Royal Queen Services (Consulting), Curiosity Kids (Children’s Education), JR GROUP SINGAPORE (Sauces and Premixes), and Standard Chartered Bank (International Financial Services). Last but not least under “Sustainability”, there were MISEICO | Sustainable Skincare & Wellness, and Peace of Art (Sustainable Living).

During the event, participants engaged in a competitive yet fun quiz that encouraged visits to exhibitors’ booths. The group that answered correctly in the shortest time was crowned the “queens” of SG-WEN. It was totally adding an exciting element to the celebration.

Gleematic AI was thrilled to be among the exhibitors at the event, where attendees had the opportunity to learn about how our AI-powered solutions can help automate mundane and repetitive tasks, boosting work efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately contributing to the success of women-led businesses. As SG-WEN aims to empower women entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential, Gleematic AI aligns with this mission by providing innovative tools for business growth.

It was a day of reflection, networking, and celebrating the incredible accomplishments of SG-WEN over the past two years. As we commemorated SG-WEN’s incredible two-year journey, it was evident that this network has consistently nurtured and empowered women entrepreneurs. Thus, helping them thrive and succeed in their ventures.

Congratulations SG-WEN

Gleematic AI extends its heartfelt congratulations to SG-WEN on their remarkable 2nd Anniversary. We applaud the network’s dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs and hope for continued success in their endeavors to inspire and support women-led businesses in Singapore and the ASEAN region. We also extend our gratitude to all the participants and attendees for making this event truly inspiring and impactful. Your commitment to women’s entrepreneurship is a testament to the incredible potential that lies within our community.

Written by: Reiko Anjani