In a remarkable display of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Gleematic AI team has proudly secured their spot in the finals of the 7th International Innovative & Entrepreneurial Competition, to be held in Shenzhen. Following their impressive performance in the Singapore Division Final held at the Nanyang Technological University campus, Gleematic AI emerged as one of the standout finalists among a pool of 21 top contenders.

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During the Singapore Division Final, held on October 9th, each participating startup was granted ten minutes to pitch their projects to a panel of distinguished judges. Our CEO, Christopher Lim, showcased the transformative potential of Cognitive Automation technology, emphasizing its capacity to revolutionize industries and bolster workplace efficiency.

The China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, renowned for its role in fostering global innovation and facilitating access to the Chinese hi-tech industrial ecosystem, presents a unique platform for overseas projects without nationality restrictions. With an impressive total prize pool of RMB 9.71 million and substantial individual bonuses, this competition promises lucrative opportunities for participants.

As the competition progresses to its final stage in Shenzhen during early April 2024, Gleematic AI is poised to make an indelible mark on the international stage.

Expressing our excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to advance, Gleematic team extends our appreciation to the organizers and wishes all participating projects the best of luck in the finals.

For more updates on Gleematic and Cognitive Automation, follow our journey to the finals in Shenzhen.