Gleematic AI showcased its cutting-edge solutions at the recent PIER71 Great Circle Startup Showcase on November 21, 2023, at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We welcomed attendees to Booth A17, offering a firsthand look at the transformative power of cognitive automation revolutionizing office work.

About PIER71

PIER71, committed to maritime innovation, hosted a dynamic event bringing together stakeholders keen on exploring digitalization and leading the next wave of maritime innovation. Its programs aim to provide access to markets, demand drivers, technology solution providers, investors, and more.

Aligning Visions for Innovation

Gleematic AI’s participation in the PIER71 Great Circle Startup Showcase was marked by the alignment of visions. PIER71’s commitment to maritime innovation resonates with Gleematic AI’s mission to revolutionize office work through Cognitive Automation. Furthermore, The event provided a unique platform for both entities to explore synergies and collaborative opportunities.

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Gleematic AI and Maritime Related Processes

Moreover, Gleematic AI, our Cognitive Automation bot, empowers users to automate and optimize diverse maritime processes, significantly enhancing worker productivity. Gleematic AI seamlessly automates tasks like optimizing delivery routes, efficient data entry, and extracting information from bills of lading.

In our demo, see Gleematic AI intelligently extract data from a Bill of Lading and populate Excel fields precisely.T his showcase demonstrates the powerful capabilities of Gleematic AI in streamlining complex tasks, revolutionizing the efficiency of maritime operations.

Shaping the Future Together

At the core of Gleematic AI’s participation was the excitement to connect with industry leaders and innovators. The showcase was a hub for ideas, fostering collaborations that will define the future of maritime technology. The Gleematic AI team engaged attendees, sharing insights and demonstrating how cognitive automation reshapes work efficiency.

As the event concluded, Gleematic AI expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a dynamic showcase. The team eagerly anticipates building on PIER71 connections, pushing boundaries, and contributing to the evolution of the maritime industry and future work.